Professional Hands of Beauty and Massage Victoria Point Therapist

Relax and chill out in the professional hands of beauty and massage therapists. Have the tension and knots kneaded away, invigorate your skin, and take some pleasurable moments just for you. There are lots of beauty salons and clinics that offer an entire range of holistic beauty therapies and treatments to assist you rejuvenate, rest, and come out looking new and feeling fresh and fantastic. There are also salons and spas that are giving a good treat when you are on your full retreat package with them. Make the most of it when you are on your relaxing break and enjoy all the treatments from the beauty and massage team therapists.

The different kinds of beauty treatments

A. Facial treatments

Excellent gommage facial – Provence Cosmetics (60/75 min)
This is an exceptional anti-aging facial treatment for all kinds of skin. It has active ingredients like essential oils, sunflower bee pollen, sea collagen and numerous vitamins with retinol. The treatment will stimulate collagen, decreases fine lines, restore radiance and will give instant visible results.

Beauty and Massage

B. Body treatments

1. Bioslimming body wrap (120 min) without measuring

It is one of the toughest expert products available that is packed with high level lively ingredients, fat and targeting cellulite, producing evident long-lasting outcome of your initial treatment.

2. Tropical body scrub (60 min)

This is a kind of body treatment that pampers the body through softening and it nourishes the skin. The coconut milk that is mixed with coconut oil and macadamia is massaged to the skin and followed by exfoliation by using tropical nut oils and pure sugar cane. It leaves your skin soft satin like and aids in prolonging your tan.

3. Nail shape & varnish (30 min)

It is tidying of the nail shapes with the expert application of nail polish.

4. Deluxe manicure (60 min)

It revitalizes the hands by incorporating soaking, shaping, cuticle tidy, and massaging that finishes with a professional nail polish.

5. Nourishing manicure (70 min)

This is a wonderful manicure for is best for dry hands. It includes a classic manicure treatment with warm oil, hydrating mask and exfoliation for a deep nourishing boost.

6. Paraffin wax manicure (80 min)

This is an ultimate manicure that is given to soft, hydrated, and beautiful hands. The treatment contains the Nourishing Manicure service with an added of dipping the hands in a warm paraffin wax, that cocooning the skin and giving total nourishment.

7. CND Shellac gel polishes (60 min)

The service includes gel polish application and dry manicure by a professional polish.

8. Gel polish soaked off (30 min)

This is the removal of a gel polish and reshapes the nail, then, applies nail oil conditioner.

9. Gel soaked off with a Shellac gel polish (80 min)

The services are removed of gel polishes, reshapes the nails, add nail oil conditioner and finishes by applying gel polish.

10. Deluxe pedicure (60 min)

This treatment is the nurturing of foot treatment which includes foot soaking, file and buff, removing of dry skin and the cuticles. The feet are exfoliated, massaged, and conditioned with color, perfect applied lastly for a perfect finish.

11. Nourishing pedicure (70 min)

The treatment contains the deluxe pedicure and adds a hydrating mask with heated booties.

12. Paraffin wax pedicure (75 min)
The service can give you an ultimate softening and moisturizing pedicure. It contains the nourishing pedicure service with an added warm paraffin wax and so the products will penetrate deeply into your skin.

13. Waxing
In the waxing treatments, it contains waxing of the legs, bikini of both standard and Brazilian, chin and lip waxing, and armpits waxing.

14. Eye treatments
The eye treatment services include the brow shaping, lash tint and the combination of brow shape with the tint.

The different kinds of massage treatments

1. Ayurvedic Massage (60 min)

This massage helps in eliminating toxins through cleansing. It strengthens a muscle tone, rejuvenates and relaxes your body. The Ayurvedic massage involves tapping, squeezing, traditional massage strokes and kneading which are done by applying essential oils that will suit you and release both your emotional and physical tensions.

2. Tension Liberating Massage (50 min)

This therapeutic massage is deep and intense which concentrates on the spot of your muscle tensions, eliminating and recovers regular muscle structure.

3. Foot reflexology (40min)

The therapeutic system for this reflexology applies diverse techniques of massage or compression on reflex parts of your feet, which are related to your organs and to the glands of your body. The advantage of foot massage is endless since it is not purely physical. This reflexology may relieve pressure on your legs and feet, enhances your energy level, relieves pain, stress, and anxiety. It also improves lymph and blood circulation and kindles activities of the internal organs. This is the real gift for your entire body!

4. Indian head massage (45 min)

This is the technique that will relax your head, neck, shoulders, and back. This is a deeper and a relaxing massage which combines with the massage of Indian Ayurveda massage. This is ideal to become liberated from your daily tensions.

5. Reiki (40 min)

This is Sanskrit word where Rei means the universal energy while KI is the vital energy. This is a technique of transmission and channeling of the vital energy by hands on laying, which is applied to get balance and peace at every level. Reiki is from the notion that there is this universal life force that flows through every person. When this universal life force is so high, the person can able be achieved happiness and health, but when it is low, stress and illness are the consequences.

6. Balinese massage (90 min)

This is a kind of powerful massage of an ancient Indonesian method of movements that will leave you recharged and uplifted.

7. Therapeutic massage (60 min)

The therapeutic massage will give you a deep relaxation and allows aches, pains and tensions to melt away.

8. Back with neck massage and include the legs (30 min)

This is the massage which concentrates on the problem sides of your legs and back.

9. Scalp, back and face massage (60 min)

This is a deep relaxing massage that focuses on your shoulders, scalp, face, and neck.

10. Rebalancing back treatments (60 min)

This treatment started with a deep cleansing and exfoliating on the back, then, followed by a back massage so it will release the tension. This is a natural hydrating or a deep cleanser pack that is applied while you are receiving a relaxing massage in your leg to complete the treatment.

The above mentioned services are the ones beneficial for our face to have that outside beauty and the massage needed by our body to be relaxed, feel healed and rejuvenated once again. There are so many wonderful massage experiences that you can take pleasure to have a good time. It is important that you get out of your box once in a while and enjoy the rewards that yourselves deserves to have!

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