Natural Beauty and Massage Therapy that Will Surprise You

As the saying goes…Beauty is pain! But what if the beauty is in fact a never heard treatment and you are certainly not aware that it does exist! There are kinds of treatments in this world and along with ample bizarre procedures, accessories and serums.

Below are the strangest 10 beauty treatments from around the world and are using literally the natural ingredients that even some people will not imagine trying it, but for curiosity purposes, you may, why not?

Bee Venom Mask

Bee venom was advertized as an organic, all-natural option to Botox. By covering the face with this bee venom-infused mask, the cream will tight, firmed facial muscles and leads to lifting of the face. The cream that tricks the skin thinks it’s been tingle with melittin, the major active component of the bee venom, then, it will improve the blood flow in that area and a more blood flow means a fuller and rosier skin. Bee venom has been successfully used in the curing of cancer, HIV, and some other kinds of autoimmune illnesses, and so, why not try it with the beauty treatment routine.

Bull Semen Hair Therapy

The treatment is not exactly the hair care tip that you hear every day, but this might too soon since it is becoming popular. “Viagra for hair” from a London salon, where it originates and the bull semen is just like conditioner on the bang when mixed with a root of Katera (Iranian plant) that is protein-rich. After lathering, rinsing, and applying the bull sperm, the therapy promises to boost the hair shaft, leave the curls shiny and silky, and promotes growth.

Bull Semen Hair Therapy

Butter Massage

The butter massage is a conventional therapy from Ethiopia that contains nudity, a burning hole in the ground with the butter. After the head-to-toe rubbing, butter is then put in everywhere and the ladies are ordered to squat above that smoking hole where the butter is melting on the ground. Normally, this is performed after some give birth. This practice will apparently cleanses, repairs vaginal and tightens the muscles and this one of the most constant practice, so far.

Caviar Facial

You read it right folks. The fresh fish, eggs now are known to be rich in amino acids and peptides, and that when you massaged it to your skin, it promises to do a lot of things from curing acne to reverse aging, while promoting all cell regeneration. The treatment becomes less fishy than with the others on the list, simply because we are aware just how fantastic omega-3-loaded seafood is for our skin. So, you don’t have to eat blinis anymore because you can just rub the caviar instead.

Gold Facial

If you have dreamt of getting a step closer to Cleopatra, or to King Midas, this is the chance you are waiting for. It is true! You will experience a real 24-karat-gold facial treatment that is publicly on the record of the menu at some spas from around the world. It is claimed as anti-aging, acne-fighting and anti-inflammatory benefit. It will cover your face with gold leaf, and certainly this one is a very expensive way to pamper seriously your skin.

Lamb Placenta Facial

This kind of facial treatment has lamb placenta messy on your face and the skin is being prickled by using tiny needles and so those stem-cell fluids may penetrate better. The service may sound grubby but it will lift, tight, firmed the skin and has fast cell regenerations. It is not new-found news that eating the placenta after giving birth is a progressing trend as a means to replace the nutrients and vitamins and to recover faster from the past labor, but using the placenta of animals for beauty treatment seize the suggestion to a lot new level.

Nightingale Feces (Uguisu No-Fun Facial)

This is once a loved Geisha and Kabuki Japanese actor. This involves fresh nightingale poop to balance and freshen the skin tone. A full block of amino acid guanine with the enzymes, this avian excrement is thought softens and cleanses the skin. As this guano had been harvested from the locked up nightingales in Japan, these birds’ diets were controlled to create the most nutritionally rich product.

Snail Facial

In the house or at any spa in Asia, snails are having their moment in the world of beauty now. By allowing a half-dozen of snail crawl across the face or donning the secretion-filled leaf mask on your face, you are dating back to those ancient times when Hippocrates, the Greek physician said that crushed snails with sour milk will heal skin inflammation. The substance is concealed when snails are stressed-out and is believed to be full of nutrients, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants that is all beneficial for our epidermis and will make us glow after treatment. Although there are still no scientifically proven results of Hippocrates claims, but still, you will not hate the results from your trying of the slimy snail treatment.

Snake Massage

In Israel, there is a spa, a hybrid farm that offers snake massage and apparently there is an extensive waiting list to have an appointment which involves the non-venomous gliding masseuses. If you are able to take the utter fear of having snakes that is touching on your back, then, the massage is for you that is believe to relieve stress and tension, with a bigger specimen rubbing out knots when they are moving and the smaller ones are fluttering across your skin to caress and calm you, so be careful Ophidiophobics, you may not want to try this, but a test will not harm you!

Vampire Blood Facelift

Last but certainly not the least, this treatment involves taking blood from the arm and then injecting it back to your face. It is a bit complicated, because it is supposedly meant to erase wrinkles and revitalize the face, but the plasma from the drawn blood is supplemented with platelets just before being returned by acupuncture needles. Be ready for some pain because the treatment procedure is extremely painful and absolutely peculiar.

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